What are GPS Modules? How to Interface NEO-6M With Microcontroller

GPS Stands for Global Positioning System, By using GPS anyone can always obtain the Position and time information anywhere in the world. This is possibly done when the GPS module has able to find three or more satellites. Generally, GPS receivers use 24-32 Satellites to provide data to the user. GPS Modules contain tiny processors Continue reading

Top 10 Arduino Projects in 2021

Arduino makes an ideal “brain” for any DIY project that requires an electronically controlled action. They’re reliable, open-source, efficient, and affordable and as such, there are plenty of projects out there that specifically call for an Arduino. This article will give you information on what kind of Arduino projects can be built in 2021 Arduino Continue reading

How to Use Soil Moisture Sensor Capacitive V2.0 Module With Arduino

Description: Now We are learning about, what is Capacitive Soil Moisture Sensor and how we can interface with Arduino and get the moisture levels of different soil types, Before That, We need to understand What is a capacitive and resistive soil moisture sensor,  and why we use Capacitive rather than Resistive, that is explained below Continue reading

How to Communicate Waterproof Ultrasonic Sensor AJ-SR04M/JSN-SR04T with Arduino/ESP32

As ultrasonic sensors started being used in cars as reverse parking sensors, manufactures started producing them in bulk which made them easily available in a wide variety of models at cheap prices. We at Probots (www.probots.co.in), sell a wide range of ultrasonic sensors which are easy and simple to interface with microcontrollers. The most versatile Continue reading

How To Interface TDS Water Conductivity Sensor Module with Arduino

Introduction: Analog TDS Conductivity sensor is used for measuring the TDS value of the water, this TDS values define the cleanliness of the water. It can be used to check the quality of domestic water, hydroponic liquids, and in other fields of water quality testing TDS Pen is widely available to measure TDS value, but Continue reading