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Top 10 Esp32 Projects in 2021

Today, we’ll explore one popular alternative: The Esp32. Esp32 was developed by Espressif, the same company that released the Esp8266 microcontroller. The older board has the good processing power and 17 GPIO pins, so it can handle small but impactful projects. Its Wi-Fi capability, small form factor, and low price made it a formidable contender in the world of microcontrollers.

Smart Wifi Oximeter

This WiFi Smart Oximeter helps you scan Spo2 and BPM using MAX30102 and ESP32 and display the values on the Smartphone.

Project Source: Esp32 Project

Video Surveillance Robot

These days, surveillance robots can be found everywhere. They’re often used for real-time monitoring for the home, workplace, healthcare settings, or even in hazardous environments. While you could build a surveillance robot with an Arduino Uno that has fire detection, what if you want to do it cheaply?

Your very own surveillance robot can now be assembled at home for a fraction of the price. This bot is controllable through the internet and a mobile phone and uses the camera functionality of the Esp32-Cam.

Project Source: Arduino Project Hub

IoT Based Air Quality Index Monitoring System

As winter sets in, the air hanging over us thickens with smoke and gaseous emissions from burning fields, industrial factories, and vehicular traffic, blocking out the sun and making it hard to breathe. Experts say that the high levels of air pollution and COVID-19 pandemic can be a dangerous mix that can have serious consequences. The necessity for real-time monitoring of Air Quality is very glaring.

Project Source: Esp32 Project

IoT TDS Sensor for Water Quality Monitoring using ESP32

IoT-based Water Quality Monitoring System using TDS Sensor, DS18B20, and ESP32 Wifi + Bluetooth Module by the ESPRESSIF systems. As this project is based on the IoT “Internet of Things” based technology, so, the EC “Electrical Conductivity” and Temperature can be monitored from anywhere around the world using the Blynk application.

Project Source: Esp32 Project

Firebase with ESP32 for Sensor Monitoring

This is a beginners level project and explains the very basics like for example, how to set up your own Google Firebase account, How to connect an analog sensor with the Nodemcu and Esp32, and send the sensor data to the Firebase Database.

Project Source: Esp32 Project

ESP32 GPS Tracker- IoT based Vehicle Tracking System

This is an interesting project involving the Gps module and an OLED(optional).GPS stands for Global Positioning System, which is a worldwide radio-navigation system. To track the location of the device, the GPS tracking system uses the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Network. This network consists of a range of satellites that uses microwave signals to transmit the data which will be received by the GPS receiver module. Using Esp32 this mini tracking device can be created.

Project Source: Esp32 Project

WiFi & Manual with Realtime Feedback ESP32 Home Automation project

This is an ESP32 home automation project using the Blynk App with real-time feedback. If there is no internet, still you can control the relay module manually. You can easily make this smart home device using the ESP32 and relay module.

Project Source: Esp32 Project

ESP32 Door Status Monitor with Telegram Notifications

In this project, you will be monitoring the status of a door using an ESP32 board and a magnetic reed switch. You’ll receive a message in your Telegram account whenever the door changes state: opened or closed. As long as you have access to the internet on your smartphone, you’ll be notified no matter where you are. The ESP32 board will be programmed using Arduino IDE.

Project Source: Esp32 Project

DIY ESP32 Based Audio Player

DIY Music players are fun to build, and we previously built a few music players using Arduino and a dedicated MP3 module. Now we are using ESP32 to build an interesting audio player, in which you can sound effects by just connecting an extra speaker to ESP32. Here we will use LM386 and a speaker with ESP32 to play music files. The audio output may not be loud but this application shows the ability of the ESP32 board to play audio files.

Project Source: Esp32 Project

ESP32-CAM Face Recognition Door Lock System

Security is at most concern for anyone nowadays, whether it’s data security or security of their own home. With the advancement of technology and the increasing use of IoT, digital door locks have become very common these days. Digital lock doesn’t require any physical key but it uses RFID, fingerprint, Face ID, pin, passwords, etc. to control the door lock.

Project Source: Esp32 Project

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