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The Best Enclosures for your Electronics Products

Imagine the perfect electronics product – you have finally got the hardware design working and may also have the best firmware, but you dont have the right enclosure to house it! The product may(will) get damaged due to water/moisture ingress, and vibrations during operation may unseat the cables and connectors, the boxes break on impact or the box doesn’t give a professional look & feel to the users! Bottom line is that the product wont last. 

CircuitX PEM100 – IP65 Rated Enclosure with slots and holes for surface mounting
High Quality Gasket with Metal Thread Inserts a tight fit

The easy solution you come up with is to 3D Print an enclosure for your electronics, but then the 3D Printed box warps on exposure to continuous heat! You may then try Vacuum casting, but it does not give you the finish you expect from a professional product case. Before you decide to invest in injection moulding and wait for the expensive quotes from mould manufacturers, read this article to find out the perfect alternative for low and medium-volume production runs. 

In this article, I will explain an alternate option – the various models available, prices, choosing one for your applications and how to get your enclosure customised for your specific application, etc. If you are in the field of electronics design and manufacturing, it will help you make the right choice for your next project.

Injection Moulded Plastic Enclosures for PCB Circuits

Professional Injection Moulded Plastic Cases for your Electronics Circuits. Universal design with mounting holes, circuit mounting bosses, rugged plastic material, waterproof gasket,etc. Offer easy & quick solution better than other manufacturing technologies
  • Durability: Injection Moulded Enclosures are strong, durable, have a good finish and are the most economical cases for electronics. But they involve expensive setup costs and long setup and moulding times(usually 6 to 8 weeks). I have seen many manufacturers who find this unviable when coming up with early production batches for their products. 
  • Probots India manufacturers ready-to-ship injection moulded enclosures to help our customers overcome these disadvantages. This article will give you the information you need to use these enclosures in your next project. 

What are the available enclosure options?

  • Probots Cabinets for Circuit Boards are available in a wide range of sizes, and shapes and are designed for various applications. 
  • We try to keep our box designs universal and suitable for multiple applications and encourage customers to customise them if required. 
  • Our range of 500+ enclosures ensures that you will find at least one enclosure close to your requirements from our catalogue. 
  • Over the years we have helped more than 800+ companies get enclosures for their low to medium-production runs in the early stages of their product launch.
  • The boxes can be purchased with no MOQ and we also offer bulk discounts. All boxes are Instock and Ready to Ship. Our target is to offer the best quality boxes at prices that are cost-effective compared to other manufacturing technologies. 
  • The enclosures are ready to ship and are available with express shipping throughout India. If you are in the market for buying plastic enclosures for your PCBs, circuits & Electronics then check out our catalogue here – Probots Plastic Enclosures – Buy Online

What are the advantages over other Production Technologies?

  • Wide Range: Over 500+ Enclosures, Cabinets & Boxes in different sizes and designs. We are sure you will find one close to your requirement
  • Manufacturing suitable Lead Times: We have invested in the design, mould setup, and production. Boxes are in stock and Ready to Ship with minimal Dispatch Times.
  • High-Quality Latest Designs for Different Applications
  • The Enclosures are designed specifically for electronics with the following features inbuild in select models – removable lids, PCB mounting Spacers & Bosses, Cutouts for standard Connectors
  • Online Catalog which makes it easy and quick to order
  • Economical Cost compared to other production technologies. 

What are the different Plastic Enclosure Models and Ranges?

CircuitX PES01 – for small sized PCB Circuits
CircuitX PEM07 – for table top applications – SMPS, Loggers, Sensor Nodes, etc
ProTechT IP65 Rated Waterproof Enclosure for outdoor applications

Customers can purchase 500+ Plastic Enclosures for Electronics. Our range of models includes –

How to buy a Plastic Enclosure for Electronics in India?

  • Probots Manufactures and Sells the largest collection of plastic enclosures, cabinets and boxes for electronics circuit boards and PCBs in India. 
  • The Boxes are in stock ready to dispatch. 
  • Customers can place an order online and get the boxes delivered in 1-7 Days within India.

Where to Buy Low-Cost Plastic Enclosures for Electronics?

Order online on our website for delivery within India
  • Just visit our website and checkout our Plastic Enclosures Category. Each product description includes the box specifications in detail with Inner and Outer Dimensions. Make sure these suit your requirements. We suggest you buy samples and design your PCB around the box as PCB design can be easily modified to suit available Plastic Enclosures.
  • We also offer Bulk Discounts and you can checkout multiple boxes which are feasible for your project.
  • The most useful feature we offer is detailed 3D Models and Technical Datasheets for our Plastic Enclosures available under the Technical Details Tab of the Product Page.
  • You may also contact us with your PCB Dimensions and we will help you find suitable boxes for your product.

What are accessories required?

  • We offer cable glands, screw terminal connectors, switches, power sockets, panel mount connectors, air cooling fans, filters, etc.
  • Cable Glands are available in both Plastic and Metal and are suitable for running cables in and out of boxes through cutouts. Glands prevent dust and water ingress through the cutout and also the cable from damage due to abrasion when handling.

What Customisation Services are available?

Probots Offers Inhouse Customisation Services like cutouts for connectors & cables

Laser Cutting, CNC Machining, Punching, Engraving and Labeling Services are provided to interest clients to customise the boxes to their particular product. Contact us directly and we will suggest the most suitable technology for your customisation based on your time and order volume.

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