nRF52 Programming Tutorials – Part 3 Controlling LEDs & Reading Switch Inputs

From part 2 of the NRF Getting started article we learned about Nordic SDK, in part 3 of the NRF Getting started series we will learn about controlling LEDs and reading switch inputs. The NRF 52 DK has four buttons and four LEDs that are connected to dedicated I/Os on the nRF52832 chip. For both Continue reading

nRF52 Programming Tutorials – Part 1 Getting Started

The nRF52 DK is the easiest way to get started with project development using the nRF5 series controller. Every BLE Chipset from Nordic comes with its own development kit – nRF51 DK, nRF52 DK and the nRF52840 DK. The code is compatible and the basic procedure for programming all these controllers is the same. These Continue reading