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Buying Guide: ProMax Metal Push Switch with Indication Lights

In every project we used to build, we have always neglected the switch selection and struggled to find the perfect switch for the application at the end of the project. We have now learned our lesson and realized the importance a switch plays in both the functionality and appearance of the final product/project.

All the components that are used here to demonstrate the working of switches are available on our website. Visit Probots

ProMax Metal Push Switch with Indication Lights

We stock and sell these wide ranges of Metal Push Switches. These switches are easy to use and highly useful. They also sport an indicator light. We use them as power on/off switches, emergency stop buttons, to provide general-purpose input, as selection switches, and for most on/off functions.

Buying Guide – What are the available models?

  • These switches are available in numerous sizes.
ProMax is available in these sizes

We sell them based on the switch diameter – 12mm, 16mm, 19mm and 22mm. 12mm switches are good to use in tight spaces, 22mm switches can switch higher loads and offer good touch feel and usability. Size determines the maximum current of the load you can connect to the switch. 

  • In each size, we have different color options for the indication light – Red, Green, Yellow, White, Blue, etc(we can manufacture any color you require. Contact us now and we will help you with this). 
ProMax with Different Colors

We use Green indications for power switches, RED switches for emergency and error indication, other colors for general purpose indications. You can use different color switches to indicate different statuses on your product. 

  • Switches are available in either Momentary or Latching types.
Momentary switches activate as long as they are pressed and held only.

Latching Switches are like toggle switches and maintain their state after releasing the switch.

The indication light in each switch requires a separate operating voltage. We have switches that light up on 3V, 5V, 6V, 12V, 24V, and 240V. This voltage is independent of the switching load voltage. It is the voltage that you have to provide to turn on the LED. All switches can operate loads up to 240V AV. But a 5V switch requires 5V on the led pins. If you want to power this LED with a higher voltage, use a suitable current limiting resistor.

All the components used in this article are readily available on our website. Please visit: PROBOTS to buy any components you need to kickstart your project.

10 thoughts on “Buying Guide: ProMax Metal Push Switch with Indication Lights”

  1. Hello

    I will require ProMax Metal Push Switch with or without Indication Lights .

    can you please provide switch dimension detail , so i will check with mechanical dimension and also provide price . yet i will purchase sample pcs.

    Paresh panchal

  2. We need 50 pieces of 16mm Dia push buttons with white light & rating of 24V @10A. If it is possible please reply with lead time and cost\

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