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Controlling R503 Finger Print Sensor with K216 Controller

This article will discuss how to control the R503 fingerprint sensor with K216 controller and a remote.

What is the R503 Fingerprint sensor??

R503 is a fingerprint sensor, this sensor reads fingerprints when placed on the face of the sensor and stores fingerprints on their databases. These fingerprints can be easily retrieved from the databases.

The R503 fingerprint sensor comes with a controller(K216) and a remote. The controller(K216) comes pre-programmed from the market, so the sensor through the controller can sense and store the fingerprints in the databases. These sensors can store upto 300 fingerprints in their databases.

So what is this K216 Controller??

At the initial stages of testing a fingerprint sensor, one would require a microcontroller, relay, and a fingerprint sensor. But when this combination of fingerprint sensor with the controller and a remote was introduced, everything changed. These controllers have everything built inside them, so one doesn’t need to run after those external components like relay boards, etc. After the launch of these controllers, numerous controllers have been brought to market, with different model numbers.

The controller(K216) comes pre-programmed from the market, so the sensor through the controller can sense and store the fingerprints in the databases. This controller has an onboard relay, a set button, and much more.

All of these Fingerprint sensors are very interesting to work with. What we sell on our online store is the Fingerprint sensor with a k216 controller. The R503 fingerprint sensor, K216 controller, and remote comes as a wholesome package.

Controlling R503 Fingerprint Sensor with K216 controller:

Press the SET button, The system will be in register state, and the Blue indicator light flashes/flickers, blue light indicates the sensor is either ready to register the new fingerprints or read the fingerprints that are already been registered.

Once the user places the finger on the sensor along with the blue indicator light, a buzzer will turn on. One has to place their finger at least for about 10 seconds, once the fingerprint has been registered, you will hear a different tune on the controller board’s buzzer.

Controlling R503  Fingerprint Sensor with K216 controller using Remote:

1. This R503 sensor can be controlled by a remote controller, making it easier to operate the sensor.

2. The remote is given a default password: 123456,and the password length must be 6 Digit.

3. The password can be changed according to the user, The code to change the password is  * old password*1*new password*new password#.

4. To new register fingerprint, press*password*2*DD#.  DD from 00 to 02(00, 01, and 02 refer to three different fingerprint databases), each database can store fingerprints 100 fingerprints. 

5. To Empty the entire fingerprints: Press *password*3*password#.

6. To delete the fingerprints one by one: Press *password*6*DD#. DD from 00 to 02 (00, 01, and 02 refer to three different fingerprint databases).

7. Setting Delay time for the closing relayPress *password*5*DT #. DT from 00 to 20, DT means the closing time for relay (from 0.5s to 20s), e.g.: 00 means 0.5s, 20 means 20s. The default time is 5.

8. Functions of Set Button on the controller board: when you slide to 2, the closing time of the relay is 5 seconds, after passing fingerprint (5s is default time, and it can be adjusted by remote control). When you slide to 1, the relay is closed when the fingerprint is passed/detected. The relay will be opened when the user removes their fingerprint off the sensor.

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